Creating efficiency at work and at home

While pursuing an electrical engineering major with an emphasis in business, I became very interested in both manufacturing and supply chain business operations in college. After graduating with my Master of Business Administration in sales, I worked for a semi-conductor manufacturing company that had a large stake in the U.S. market. One of its main initiatives was to establish a world-class supply chain to match its high-end manufacturing operation. As a sales person with an interest in the supply chain, I wanted to be involved in these efforts and learn how I could assist my team and customers in receiving high-quality products on time.

Today, as a part of the iWAREHOUSE team at The Raymond Corporation, I can still apply this interest and my experience in the supply chain to work with our large clients across North America. I help explain how iWAREHOUSE, our fleet management and warehouse optimization system, can shape and change their supply chain businesses, reducing cost and increasing efficiencies. Through my work, I enjoy changing the way people and their companies regard supply chain operations.

The insights I’ve gained through my career in the supply chain have shaped my personal life, including decreasing my wait time at the gym and cutting down the time I spend on at-home chores. This is proof that what I do influences every aspect of my life and the way I think, as I am keenly aware of the waste that can result from inefficiencies. At the gym, I’ve noticed that many people have a workout routine: their arms on Mondays, chest on Tuesdays, etc. With that knowledge, I now plan my workouts so I use the machines opposite everyone else. This helps me save the time I would have spent waiting for my turn with the equipment. Another example involves my four horses. Feeding them can be a time-consuming process, so I have learned to first lure my “leader horse” into the stall with food — the other horses will follow. The process used to take me 40 minutes, and now I can do it in 15.

My career in the supply chain has not only impacted my professional and personal life but also has enabled me to positively impact those I work with. I meet with some of the world’s largest companies and have in-depth conversations about their supply chain efforts for material handling and product execution. Although each operation has some similarities and some vast differences, I enjoy knowing that, no matter what, I can help change the way companies are operating — through new product and system enablement, and discussions about their specific operational needs. Knowing I personally had a hand in helping each company’s supply chain efficiencies is important to me.

Jack Kaumo