My Story

I have always liked fixing things since I can remember. I knew as a child that I enjoyed taking things apart, getting my hands dirty and studying what I took apart. I later realized growing up that this is a valuable skill. I always thought that I would grow old working on cars. Then I realized that there were other options available to me, when one of my wife’s co-workers told me about her husband, Warren. He is a part of the supply chain industry, in which he fixed lift trucks. He then told me that his employer was hiring. The thought of working on a lift truck was intimidating to me at first but I knew after talking to Warren that I would be well suited for the position. I figured now is probably the best time if I was going to make a change because I had recently moved back home from out of state. I knew that the small shop that I was working at was not going to fulfill the plans I had for my future. I applied at Associated and was later hired on to the team as a field service technician. Looking back I never really knew what a supply chain was or realized how important it was. Since being a part of the supply chain I understand now how the supply chain industry operates and that nearly every product comes into contact with a lift truck at some point in time. I have just started my career working in the supply chain but it has opened up so many opportunities for me to advance my career that I don’t see myself leaving. Although I haven’t been working on lift trucks long I have quickly realized that lift trucks are not as simple to fix as they look and that I will continuously need to stay up to date with the technology and education. I have always maintained the thought that you should lead by example. While working I keep a positive attitude towards everything I do and I take on challenges without hesitation, I feel this affects everyone I am around positively. Some of my customers have lift trucks that are crucial to their operation and knowing that, I go the extra mile to get their lift truck fixed whenever it is broke down or taken out of service for maintenance. My customers and the operators are always pleased with the work I do on their equipment. I take pride in what I do and the quality of my work means a lot to me. I am always professional and keep calm; an example of this is when an operator doesn’t want to get off the lift truck he is using so that the fork truck can be serviced, I will try to figure out why he doesn’t want to give up the truck and assess if I need to get a supervisor involved. My goal at work is to not just fix fork trucks but to make the customer’s day easier than it was before I was there. I don’t know where the future will take me but I am sure it will be a bright future because of the company I work for.

Harry Dulek