My Story

My initial exposure to the Supply Chain Industry and my earliest memories began when I was a little girl listening to my family talk “shop” at family gatherings. My family at one point or another, sometimes simultaneously worked in manufacturing, distribution and transportation. My fondest memories are of my Grandfather who worked for a small family owned Janitorial Supply Company delivering product to local customers. During the summer months I would spend a portion of my day riding along watching him interact with what appeared to be friends but in reality were customers. The time I spent with my Grandfather although I didn’t know it at the time, taught me a great deal about respect for the customer, hard work, dedication and loyalty.

Many years later I became a member of a manufacturing company, little did I know at the time but my experiences and the lessons learned would result in a love for the industry and a lifelong passion and career. I am very fortunate to have spent time in manufacturing, working with people who were willing to share their knowledge which allowed me to grow with the company. There never seemed to be a limit to how much I wanted to learn or how much they were willing to teach. For me, being in manufacturing working with the tremendous talent never really felt like work, we were a family striving to make a difference. I recall vendors becoming friends and in some cases like family sharing in our annual Christmas Party, picnics and social events. These relationships taught me the value of team, never discounting another person’s abilities. I often look back at my years in manufacturing and realize that from this one company I learned lessons which drives my work today.

Today, my career allows me to be in a position which helps bring positive change to our company, team and customers. My role allows me interactions with all levels of our organization gaining an understanding of their needs to provide our internal and external customers with the promised products and services. A unique aspect of my role allows me to be part of the interview process. My contribution provides hiring managers a look at the candidate from a cultural, team and customer “centric” point of view. My candidate review helps to ensure that all new team members share values similar to those of our existing members ultimately enriching the team.

The amazing thing about the Supply Chain Industry is that with all the innovation, automation and struggles faced today, the heart of the industry or its people remains the same as in year’s past. Today, the men and women in the Supply Chain Industry all share the same drive, dedication and pride in a job well done as those who served the industry before them. The men and women today inspire those of us who serve the Industry to always put our best foot forward being proud to be a part of this team.

Lisa Everly