My Story

Ever since I can remember, I dreamed of becoming an Engineer. Starting in 5th grade, I started mapping out my path to achieve my dream with my father. My father is an Engineer and, at one time, owned his own conveyor company. I really loved hearing about his projects and listening to his work calls, so he inspired me to learn about more about the career.

I chose to go a private high school to build a solid foundation and education for my studies. I would forego my spring breaks to travel to job sites to watch and learn new packaging lines being installed. After I graduated high school, I went to work for him at his Company for two summers. I remember teaching myself AutoCAD from scratch. I was in awe of how fun and powerful this tool was and have never stopped drawing to this day. I remember many sleepless nights in college studying the math and science classes needed to graduate with an Engineering degree. I knew when I stepped on the stage to receive my diploma that the best chapter of my life was about to begin.

My Supply Chain career has directly influenced my relationship with my father. Ever since high school and to this day, I have never missed attending ProMat with my father. We always walk the show and spend numerous hours discussing new and interesting technology emerging over the years. It is so great to share a knowledge and common interest in equipment and technology.

Throughout my career, I have also had many opportunities to give back to the Community. My passion is to educate middle school and high school children about Engineering and Supply Chain. I have spoken at work events, schools, and Career Day events. I have had many children come up to me and thank me for making a difference in their lives by inspiring them to pursue Engineering.
If feel as an Engineer and a Salesperson, I am able to reach many people to educate them on the importance of Supply Chain and the impact on their Organization. I think anyone who knows me, knows my enthusiasm and dedication to finding the best solution and resources for Customers and colleagues alike. If I can leave a meeting introducing new ways of thinking and offering “out of the box” solutions, then I feel like I have accomplished my mission in life. To me, in my daily dealings, I feel like it is important to leave a positive impression and open up a line of communication for years to come.

I have been in this industry for 20 years and, on a daily basis, make connections with friends, colleagues, and Customers whom I have had the pleasure to know over the years. I feel like Material Handling is a small and tight knit community and have always made sure to be a resource to others with no hesitation to reach out to them when I need help. I have watched various new trends and technologies emerge, and I can say that I strive to keep current and understand their impact on the future of the Supply Chain. I would be truly honored to say I could represent the face of Supply Chain.

Tanya Kiefer