The Harvest is Plentiful but Laborers are Few #iworkinthesupplychain

Hello, my name is Jason Kasanezky and I perform Marketing and Web Development for AK Material Handling Systems in Maple Grove, MN and #Iworkinthesupplychain. AKMHS is a pallet rack supplier that helps clients across the nation maximize their warehouse space with pallet rack and storage systems. Working in the supply chain for the last nine years has greatly impacted my life in many ways, including my career, my family life and my personal growth.

My career in the supply chain industry began when I applied for a warehousing position at AKMHS right out of high school. At the time, I was not looking for a career or a long-term position. Instead, I was looking for a way to pay the bills while working in an active atmosphere. I worked in the warehouse for a year learning the products, driving a forklift and shipping pallet rack products across the nation. It was during that time that I realized how valuable a simple product could be for so many businesses. I took great pride in preparing orders for companies like Target, Northern Tool and other large corporations that in turn supplied my family and friends with the everyday products they needed to make their lives easier.

After a year of working in the warehouse, I decided to leave the company to pursue an education in business management. The summer after I obtained an Associates Degree in Business Management, I decided to stop by the old warehouse to say hello. As fate would have it, they actually needed someone to cover for another employee while he was out for on long term leave. Upon his return, there was still a position available to keep me on the team. This was right around the time of the downturn in the economy but, being a proactive small business, the AK leadership used it as a time to invest in their employees and processes in order to make sure everything was in place and we were ready to rock as a company when things turned around. This opportunity allowed me to work directly with the owner of AKMHS, Al Boston, in the development of our websites and and the creation of an online presence to grow the AK Brand. When the economy finally turned back around, we were well-equipped for progress, and have not stopped growing since. During this time, I transformed my career from forklift driver to sales and marketing specialist, which eventually lead me to the discovery of my true passion: marketing and web development.

The supply chain industry not only helped my professional life but it also propelled my family and personal life. With a stable and reliable career at AK, I have been fortunate enough get married and start a family with a wife who can stay at home and raise our five children. Thank you, Supply Chain!

“The Harvest is Plentiful but Laborers are Few”
In summary, I share my personal journey in the supply chain to influence and encourage anyone interested in this growing and always changing industry. If you’re a hungry, focused, and a driven individual, I highly recommend that you learn more about the different opportunities for yourself in the supply chain industry. Right now, this industry has a plentiful harvest with tons of opportunities for individuals at the small business level, as with AK, and also at large corporations, as with Amazon. So, if you’re willing to join in the labor, you to can also reap the plentiful harvest that the supply chain has to offer!

By Jason Kasanezky
AK Material Handling Systems