The Supply Chain from a Marketing POV

It’s truly incredible how many aspects of everyday life are affected by the supply chain. Before I began marketing in the manufacturing industry, I had no idea the range and scope my marketing efforts could achieve.

I’m thankful for my entry into this dynamic industry, where marketing has a tangible effect on business and brand recognition. Much of what I do is internal marketing, keeping our employees encouraged by our growth, training dealer networks how to market themselves and the brand I am representing at the time, and, of course, externally marketing my company’s capabilities to the world.

Each business I have represented in the past eight years has either been active in global markets or communicated to me their interest in pursuing a worldwide audience for their products or services. My job, regardless, has been to broaden our reach and bring new opportunities to my manufacturer through advertising, social media, web applications, proposals, and tradeshows. I have seen a lot of the world in my short time representing manufacturers on a global scale, and I look forward to seeing more of it.

But the scope of the supply chain is seen on both fronts, abroad and here at home. The footprint in our daily lives is unmistakable. Now, when I drive the highways, spot a warehouse, or look out my office window, I am reminded by the ratio of transport trucks to pedestrian vehicles, and what it truly means to be a part of the supply chain. It is a web of endless activity which spans the globe, and brings goods and services to the world at large.

Michael Poeltl
Handling Specialty Manufacturing Ltd.