#iWorkInTheSupplyChain …. Come Join Us!

Hi Future Colleagues!

My name is Amber Wilmshurst-Jordan and I have been working in the Supply Chain for the last 6 years – I am currently a Supply Chain Analyst at Blue Diamond Growers, where I help deliver the benefits of Almonds to the World. With an ever-increasing demand for all types of commodities, with huge emphasis on operational efficiency and customer service, there has never been a better time to jump on board the Supply Chain Train – and here’s why I think you should come join me. First, let’s start at the beginning, what is the Supply Chain? I’ve heard it described in numerous ways, but my favorite, because it’s the simplest, is that it’s getting “stuff” from A to B. So as you can imagine, this takes on a multitude of facets. “A” could be a country, or it could be a manufacturing plant or it could be a farm and “B” could be a customer’s home, a transportation depot or a hospital. And the “stuff”, well this can be anything from cars to bouquets of flowers or it could be furniture, perhaps clothing and my favorite thing to move – almonds! And what happens in between is where the fun happens and where YOU come in.

To have a successful and optimized Supply Chain requires all kinds and types of people, with an array of skillsets. This is why I think working in this industry is a brilliant choice, it facilitates a workforce of motivated, problem solving and proactive individuals. I love working in the Supply Chain because each and every day I get to have an impact on the processes and networks around me that result in the global supply of almonds. I get to learn skills and thought processes from fascinating people from all over the globe and transpose these into improving the operational efficiency of Blue Diamond Growers Supply Chain, credibly, on time and within budget.

I started my career working for a Cancer Research charity in the UK, where I helped deliver a successful fulfillment service to 700,000+ women taking part in the UK’s largest flagship fundraising running event – I delivered thousands of pink tutu’s, fairy wings and bib numbers to ensure all of the participants could feel connected in this fight against cancer. From here I moved to a major European logistics company called XPO Logistics, where I worked on various continuous improvement projects for an array of customers, and gained my national and international certificate of professional competence in Road Haulage. Also at XPO Logistics, I assisted in the management of the largest section of a retail Distribution Centre across a 24/7 operation. I then relocated to California and have been working at Blue Diamond growers ever since, further highlighting the transferable skills, which transcend borders, and that can be picked up whilst working in the Supply Chain. At 27 years old, I’m looking forward to many more fruitful years in the industry.

Working in the Supply Chain is challenging, rewarding and dynamic industry to work in, and what a journey it has been so far. I’m excited for its future, and fully support initiatives such as #iworkinthesupplychain. I encourage you to read through all of the stories on this site to truly grasp how many faces of the Supply Chain there really are and think about how you can become part of the #iworkinthesupplychain movement!

Blue Diamond Growers