How The Supply Chain Changed My Life #iWorkInTheSupplyChain

My name is Luis Castaneda and I work in the Supply Chain.  For me, the supply chain has been a GOD send.  With only a couple of years of college and a young baby at home I found myself managing a local auto parts center in Yakima, Washington. Though I loved my job, it was clear that the potential for future growth was very limited. It was during one of my regular days at the auto parts store that I helped a tech who worked for Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation when he came in to pick up some oil for his van. Apparently, I had made such an impression that the next time a position came open at RHCC I was invited to apply.  And that is how the story begins…

I started with Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation in Eastern Washington as a Parts Sales Representative, and for the first time in my life I was exposed to a whole new world that impacts every aspect of every life and yet most of the population has no idea it even exists — I was exposed to the supply chain! I began to walk into warehouses that were filled with millions of pounds of food that was scheduled to be distributed within the next week. My next customer had millions and millions of pounds of frozen potatoes waiting to be sold. As I grew in my career I would find myself in front of customers that work in every facet of our lives. From nuclear power plants to local municipalities working hard to clean our water, every aspect of my life was wrapped in the supply chain and I loved it!  As Simon Walker, VP of Sales at RHCC mentioned in one of our meetings: “Look around this room, there is not a single object in this room, from the chair to the pencil to the carpet that has not at one point been moved by a forklift.”

My name is Luis Castaneda and I am thankful to work in the supply chain. I was born in Mexico and moved to Yakima, WA when I was only 7 years old. Growing up I didn’t think that my future had much potential.  The supply chain has given me a future full of potential. Six years ago I started in the supply chain as a parts sales representative; today I stand before you as the Key Account Manager for the Oregon market. Two years running I have achieved high sales numbers granting me to be a “Sales Lyon” for RHCC. As a Sales Lyon I not only provide a great income for my family, I also have the opportunity to give back to my community. I work for a company that truly believes that “It’s not just business. It’s personal.” Every year that I achieve Sales Lyon status I am able to give 1% of my booked GP to a charitable organization of my choice. Last year Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation donated over $5,000 to the mission field in Zamora, Mexico. This mission field is one that I personally lead by taking a team of missionaries to help the local church in Zamora provide food for the poor, a safe place for recovering victims of drugs and alcohol, and a place to help abandoned elderly people.

In the process, the supply chain has allowed me to meet some of the greatest people on this planet that make it possible for the rest of us to enjoy our American way of life. From Project Managers of multibillion dollar companies to General Managers of companies that ensure our hospitals have the right supplies at the right time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Young people graduating from high school and college, I would encourage you to seriously consider the Supply Chain as a career.  The potential is unlimited, the income is unbelievable, the people you will meet are amazing, and the impact you will have on this world is incredible.  My name is Luis Castaneda and I Work in The Supply Chain!

Luis Castaneda
Key Account Manager
Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation