The Supply Chain Industry and Me

There is no doubt that the Supply Chain Industry impacts and influences everyone’s life. It does not matter whether or not your career path is directly related to Supply Chain activities or not, it will impact your life.

The early days of my career took me to the newspaper industry, where the success of the newspaper depended on quality reporting and advertising. However, no matter how well done the reporting or how attractive the advertisements, the newspaper’s success would not be realized unless the organization had the materials to produce the product and the avenue to distribute the finished product, all in a timely manner.

I chose to leave the newspaper industry and since then have worked in both the manufacturing and distribution arena of the Supply Chain Industry. My current position as Sales Coordination Manager for a thriving material handling solutions provider has given me the opportunity to further understand the influences of the supply chain industry. It is at the core of everything we as a society and personally expect to realize throughout our lives. It provides everything to meet our physiological needs as well as those things that provide us entertainment and things we consider the “finer things” in life.

The supply chain has contributed to the support of my family and has given me and others unlimited career opportunities. It creates not only jobs but career paths for many including myself. The supply chain is everywhere, and no matter what you do in life you will need the supply chain just as the supply chain needs you.

The key to positively influencing others around you, is to not only project a positive attitude, but to internally be a positive person, always see the glass half full, not half empty. Respecting others and making every effort to incorporate their ideas and suggestions is another key factor to positively impacting others around you. Respect is two way, you earn respect by giving respect.

I, like many others, have faced challenges in life. Whether those challenges were related to family, social, or work, resolution was necessary to improve relationships with those involved. Based on my positive attitude, my respect for others, and willingness to accept criticism, I was able to meet the challenges and learn from the experiences.

My past and current involvement with the supply chain industry provides the professional experience necessary to be a positive representative of the Supply Chain Industry. My sincere support of the campaign that is being launched to attract qualified candidates for those positions that are becoming available in the industry is another attribute I possess to positively represent the supply chain industry in its efforts to promote the industry.

The Supply Chain industry is thriving and will continue to grow and provide opportunities for our children, their children, and their children’s children. The industry is forever. My role today will be to continue to contribute to the advances being made within the industry and to respect what it has given me and my family.

Del Boudreau